Ana Rosa Lopez Perez: June–July 2017

Analyzing and integrating the data generated in the lab can be really difficult for a wet-lab scientist.

This is why, taking advantage of being part of a network, I decided to contact Boris Lenhard and ask him if I could spend some time in his lab to learn from them.

For a month, I was part of his group. There, with the help of Boris Lenhard, and specially, Piotr Balwierz, I could find the best way to analyze my ATAC-seq data and compare it with the RNA-seq I had preciously produced.

But, as you can imagine I was not there only to learn bioinformatics, I also found time to enjoy London and the UK, and even to do some sport!! Have you ever heard about rounders? If you haven’t, you can ask Boris’ babes team, they were the winners of the competition organize by the institution.

Canterbury Canterbury

Cliffs of Dover Cliffs of Dover

Windsor Castle Windsor Castle

Boris babes team Boris’ babes team